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Memo Pad is named after the memo pad found on the Atari 400 and 800 computers. Memo Pad allows you to view and edit ASCII and ATASCII files. It displays the files using the same fonts used on the Atari 400, 800, XL, XE and ST computers.

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Windows 7

Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine 2.0

Mac OS 10.11.6 using Wine 2.0


Control Graphics

Enable Control Graphics to enter the Atari graphic characters. When enabled you press and hold a control key and then press a letter or symbol key. The 26 letters give the same graphic character as typing on a real Atari 8-Bit computer. The remaining 3 graphic characters use 3 symbol keys. These keys are different than a real Atari 8-Bit computer. See the image below for the mapping of all 29 graphic characters.

When using Control Graphics please beware of the following:

Find Dialog

The image below shows how to search for the word "assembly". Normally you would simply choose Text and enter "assembly" then click a Find button. For demonstration purposes the image shows the word broken into pieces. This is done to demonstrate Escape Sequences when finding by text and demonstrates the different value notations when finding by value.

Find Text allows you to search your file for a string of characters. A string of characters can be any character you can type into the edit box and even characters you can not type if you enable Escape Sequences.

The following table lists the supported Escape Sequences.

Escape Sequences
SyntaxDescriptionByte Value
\'single quote39 0x27
\"double quote34 0x22
\?question mark63 0x3F
\\backslash92 0x5C
\abell7 0x07
\bbackspace8 0x08
\fform feed / new page12 0x0C
\nline feed / new line10 0x0A
\rcarriage return13 0x0D
\thorizontal tab9 0x09
\vvertical tab11 0x0B
\???1 to 3 digit decimal value
\0???1 to 3 digit octal value
\x??1 or 2 digit hexadecimal value

Find Value allows you to search your file for a single byte value or a sequence of byte values. Values can be specified in decimal, hexadecimal, and octal notation. There is also a single character notation for those times you don't recall the ASCII value of a character. When entering multiple values you may need to put a space between them to avoid collisions.

And for completeness you can put between double quotes everything supported with Find Text. Why not?

The following table lists the supported notations.

Find Values
???1 to 3 digit decimal value
0???1 to 3 digit octal value
0x??1 or 2 digit hexadecimal value
$??1 or 2 digit hexadecimal value
'?single character
"?..."1 or more characters.
Escape Sequences supported.


Memo Pad for Windows Release History

Release 29
May 17 2020, 21:35:26
    - Replace Font Size setting with a new 1x to 9x multiplier setting.

Release 28
May 5 2020, 20:38:09
    - Fix updating horizontal scrollbar on closing file.
    - Fix Select All.
    - Add indent/outdent selection with tab/shift-tab.

Release 27
Apr 12 2020, 11:52:34
    - Changed "Convert End of Line" to "Convert File Type".
      This will convert End of Line characters and tab characters.
    - Render tab characters to user specified number of spaces.
    - Fix caret position lost when switching from Text to Binary view.

Release 26
Mar 6 2018, 20:40:17
    - Fix Import Atari BASIC incorrectly detecting end of file.

Release 25
Dec 2 2017, 13:14:17
    - Fix Control Graphics for the 3 characters mapped to symbol keys.

Release 24
Nov 30 2017, 15:35:22
    - Fix caret disappearing when changing View's End of Line type.
    - Added Inverse Video to Edit menu for entering inverse characters.
    - Added Control Graphics to Edit menu for entering graphics characters.

Release 23
Jul 16 2017, 18:08:14
    - Fixed some EOL bugs in Text object.
    - Fixed some menu issues and inconsistencies.
    - Added Import GW-BASIC.
    - Enable Find in binary view.
    - Show caret in binary view to support Find.
      Note: selection is still not implemented in binary view.

Release 22
Jun 26 2017, 13:49:07
    - Fixed bug in auto detect EOL.
    - Fixed a few Turbo BASIC XL tokens.
    - Added Find.
    - Added Import Applesoft BASIC.
    - Added file types to Import Microsoft BASIC dialog.
    - Small changes to status bar.

Release 21
May 2 2017, 22:29:35
    - Fixed a selection drawing issue.
    - Fixed status bar not updating after deleting selection.
    - Added a context menu for Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. to text view.
    - Added Open Containing Folder to File menu.
    - Added Line Padding and Column Padding to View menu.
    - Added Overwrite mode.
    - Improved status bar to consider window width.

Release 20
Apr 27 2017, 00:10:23
    - Fixed drawing issue with color box control.
    - Fixed saved window rect when minimized or maximized on exit.
    - Fixed a vertical scrollbar issue in binary view.
    - Remember custom colors in Color dialog.
    - Added IBM VGA font.

Release 19
Apr 24 2017, 21:21:08
    - New bitmap font rendering code, no more Atari.fon file.
    - Runs on Wine for Linux.
    - User preferences for colors.
    - More internal code cleaning.

Release 18
Apr 5 2016, 20:16:58
    - Fixed bug that caused some edit operations not to mark data as changed.
    - Replaced Convert End of Line dialog box with submenu.
    - Added text to File Type View preferences to help explain it's purpose
      and usage.
    - Internal changes for sharing more code with Mac version.

Release 17
Build: Mar 20 2016, 12:32:55
    - Fixed Import Atari BASIC: numeric constants not truncating trailing
    - Added Import Atari Microsoft Basic.

Release 16
Build: Mar 10 2016, 22:47:48
    - Fixed copy to clipboard losing last character.
    - Fixed Import OSS MAC/65: missing spaces between labels and mnemonics,
      leading zeroes for some line numbers, numeric constants displayed as
      hex when should be dec.

Release 15
Build: Feb 21 2016, 12:15:56
    - Added Import OSS BASIC XL, XE

Release 14
Build: Nov 2 2015, 22:18:51
    - Drag-n-Drop an Import file type will now Import instead of Open.
    - Added Import Recent menu to avoid mixing imports and opens on one menu.
    - File Type View preferences for choosing which file types will Open in
      Text view and which file types will Open in Binary view.
    - More improvements to Basic import error checking.
    - Switched from Code Blocks and MinGW to Visual Studio Express 2015.

Release 13
Build: Oct 15 2015, 23:22:32
    - Select text with mouse.
    - Improved import code to better handle corrupt files.
      Instead of discarding everything when an error occurs,
      now everything up to the error will be kept.
    - Warn users when they import a file, make changes, and choose Save instead
      of Save As. This is to make sure they don't overwrite the original
      imported file with a text file by mistake.
    - More code cleaning in preparation for Mac version.
Release 12
Build: Oct 12 2015, 22:01:08
    - Added "OSS MAC/65" to Import menu.  This needs more testing!
    - On File menu, moved Close to after Save As.
    - Fixed a refresh problem when selection is cleared.
    - Started to support mouse selection: Left click to move caret.
      Shift left click to select.  No dragging but it's coming.

Release 11
Build: Oct 5 2015, 22:07:50
    - Changed window caption to list file name before applicaton name.
    - Fixed bug that prevented Delete, Backspace, and Cut from marking
      file as dirty.

Release 10
Build: Jun 24 2015, 21:08:31
    - Improvements to the Atari Basic and Turbo Basic import.
    - Fixed a refresh problem when doing a Cut (Ctrl-X).
    - A few other things I can not recall right now.

Release 9
Build: Jun 26 2014, 22:31:09
    - More improvements to the text editor engine.
    - Many fixes to the text drawing code.
    - Removed "Open As" from file dialog, added Import menu.
    - Cut/Copy/Paste is now usable.
    - It has been too long...I am probably forgetting something.

Release 8
Build: Jul 26 2012, 22:22:51
    - Many fixes and improvements to the text editor engine.
    - Text selection via keyboard is now in place.
    - Added a status bar.

Release 7 (The first release with text editing ability)
Build: Jun 18 2011, 22:45:04
    - Editor engine is in place.
    - Cursor movement: arrows, home, end, pg up, pg down
    - Enter characters, delete and backspace.

    Known Issues:
    - Tabs are not implemented and appear as a single character.
    - Cursor/caret disappears.  To fix, change window focus.
    - Switching to Binary view is not refreshing.  To fix, resize window.

Release 6
Build: Nov 12 2007
    - Fixed a crash that appeared  when opening a non-Atari BASIC file as an
      Atari BASIC file.
    - Fixed the file dialog; it was not remembering the previous path used.
      I broke this while implementing the Open As feature for Release 5.

    - Added support for opening Turbo-BASIC files.
    - Added error messages to report why a BASIC file failed to open.
    - Added support for mouse wheel scrolling.
    - Added an option to Binary View Preferences to allow changing the
      number of data bytes displayed on each line.

Release 5
Build: Oct 21 2007
    - Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when scrolling or resizing the
      window after converting the end-of-line.

    - Added support for the Atari 8-Bit International and Arabic fonts and
      the Atari ST color (low/med res) and monochrome (high res) fonts.
    - Added support for reading tokenized Atari BASIC files.  These files
      are parsed and viewed as ATASCII text files.
    - Added "Open as" option to Open file dialog.  Files can be opened as
      Text, Binary, and Atari BASIC.  The "Open as" choice is saved and
      used by the "Open Recent" menu item.

Release 4
Build: Aug 26 2006
    - Fixed two bugs that appeared on Windows 95, 98, and 98SE:
        - Failed to load the Atari font on startup.
        - Failed to open files with the Open Recent menu.
      This was caused by my code used to check the existence of a file.
    - Fixed a font problem where the size setting would not be used
      until you triggered the main menu.
    - Fixed a text display problem when lines are ~200,000 chars long.
      I only saw this problem with one binary file being viewed as text. 
    - Removed the unused Read-Only check box in the open file dialog.

    - Added support for handling drag-and-drop files.
    - Added support for file association. This also allows you to drop a
      file on the application's icon to start the application and load
      the dropped file.
    - Added a Clear List option to the Open Recent menu.
    - Added a Close option to the File menu.
    - Warn user when a file being closed has unsaved changes.

Release 3
Build: Aug 21 2006
    - Added a Preferences dialog.
    - Added preferences for changing the format of the byte
      offset and byte values displayed in Binary View mode.
    - Set the ComboBox in the Convert End of Line dialog to
      not allow editing the text.

Release 2
Build: Jun 15 2006
    - Fixed a scrolling problem that would appear when viewing
      files with more than 32767 rows or columns.
    - Added a binary view mode.

Release 1
Build: May 21 2006
    - Open, autodetect EOL, and view files.
    - Convert EOL and Save files.

The End