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Resting Heart Rate
Maximum Heart Rate
WARNING: The values in the tables below are calculated using math equations from here. The information and calculated values listed below are for reference only. You need to visit your doctor to get proper advice about your heart rate.
Resting Heart Rate
The best time to measure your resting heart rate is when you wake up in the morning and before you get out of bed.
Maximum Heart Rate
If you do not know your maximum heart rate then you can use a calculation to predict it based on your age or your gender and age.
The first method multiplies 0.7 to your age and subtracts the result from 208.
Max Heart Rate = 208 - (0.7 x Age)

The second method subtracts your age from 226 for females or 220 for males.
Female Max Heart Rate = 226 - Age
Male Max Heart Rate = 220 - Age
Heart Rate ReserveMax HR - Resting HR
Safety Heart Rate60% of Max HR
Max VO2 Heart Rate95% of Max HR
Ideal ForBenefit DesiredIntensity Level
(% of Max HR)
Heart Rate
Light ExerciseMaintain Healthy Heart/Get Fit50% - 60%
Weight ManagementLose Weight / Burn Fat60% - 70%
Aerobic Base BuildingIncrease Stamina Aerobic Endurance70% - 80%
Optimal ConditioningMaintain Excellent Fitness Condition80% - 90%
Elite AthleteMaintain Superb Athletic Condition90% - 100%