List your files the way they should be listed, not the outdated DIR way. di listings have 2 or 6 columns, file attributes, color, and subtotals for file types and sizes. Speed options make listing files of specific types or files with specific attribute settings fast and easy. You can also specify multiple file extensions to list a variety of file types. Release 2 brings the ability to sort by name, extension, date, or size.

Usage:  di [/options] [drive:][path][name][.ext[;ext]...[;ext]]
                |        |       |     |     |
Default:      /dxo   current  current  *    .*

Options are case sensative.
Do not separate options with spaces.
Do not use wildcards in multiple extensions.

  d  List directories
  x  List executables (.bat .com .exe)
  o  List other (non-Directories and non-Executables)

  a  List if archive attribute on (-a if off)
  h  List if hidden attribute on (-h if off)
  r  List if read-only attribute on (-r if off)
  S  List if system attribute on (-S if off)
  s  Sort by  n  Name (alphabetic)
              e  Extension (alphabetic)
              d  Date & time (oldest first)
              s  Size (smallest first)
              -  Prefix to reverse order

  i  Include hidden files
  p  Pause long lists (SPACE=Next page, ENTER=Next line)
  w  Wide format (6 columns, names only)